GlasRoc® Shaftliner Type X for use in Shaftwall and Area Separation Firewall Systems is a 1" (25.4 mm) thick gypsum board with a specially formulated fire resistive, noncombustible, and moisture resistant core. It is faced with reinforcing glass mats and a weather-resistive coating on the surface.

GlasRoc® Shaftliner is designed and engineered for use in constructing ightweight Shaftwall and Area Separation Firewall assemblies. GlasRoc® Shaftliner is UL Classified and ULC Listed in fire resistance designs and features double beveled edges for easy installation.

In addition to its fire resistive properties, GlasRoc® Shaftliner is also designed and engineered to provide added protection against mold. When tested for mold resistance by an independent lab, GlasRoc® Shaftliner achieved the highest possible score of 10 per ASTM D 3273, and 0 per ASTM G 21.

Code: 10SWLG10-C