HardieBacker cement board's unique cement formulation and structure make it the ideal combination of strength, uniform composition and performance that no other backer board can provide. It’s made better to install better so it performs better.

Containing no paper facing (which serves as a food source for mold) or gypsum (which can disintegrate with continuous moisture exposure), HardieBacker 500 cement board is perfect for wet-area walls.

HardieBacker 500 is ideal beneath tile in a shower or behind a tile backsplash. Its smooth surface can also be painted or wallpapered.

Composed of 90% Portland cement and ground sand, HardieBacker cement board contains no asbestos, glass mesh, formaldehyde, or gypsum.

HardieBacker cement board can be used in place of regular drywall, gypsum boards, glass mesh cement boards, and "floated" walls/floors.

Code: 12HBS08